Voting Options for Town of Milton Residents

If you are concerned about coming to the polling place on election day (4/7/2020), you have some options:

(1) you may come and vote absentee IN PERSON at the town hall on Saturday, March 14th between 8:00 a.m and 11: a.m. (future dates will be added); or (2) you can request an absentee ballot at and the ballots will be mailed to you; or (3) you may make arrangements directly with the Town Clerk, Kalene Engel, to in-person vote by e-mailing her at

Bring your photo ID for in-person absentee voting. Please check to ensure that you are registered to vote. The easiest way to register to vote is at

Please share this post with others so that the current concerns about coronavirus do not prevent people from exercising their right to vote!