Broadband Update from CCT

With the road bans lifted CCT’s construction crew of White Construction will break ground starting next week on Phase II.  The mainline fiber will be plowed in first followed by drops.  Site visits appointments for Phase II are starting to be scheduled  and several people still have not made any contact with our office.  CCT will try to reach these no contacts with additional phone calls to make sure they are aware of the fiber optics opportunity.

Mid States Engineers will also be out working on gathering route information and gathering the needed easements to complete the fiber route for Phase II.  Several property easements will be needed in order to complete the fiber route, we thank those that have signed allowing access for us and helping those neighbors down the line gain access also.

CCT has now contacted and asked for help from the Wisconsin State Broadband office in obtaining the final BNSF railroad permit to access Park Street/Old Merrick Park, we continue to be hopeful on a solution.

Storm Losses – Livestock Indemnity Program

From Carl Duley at UW-Extension. Just a quick reminder.  It seems currently there are not a lot of resources to help out farmers suffering from storm losses.  The one program that is there is the livestock indemnity program.  The thing is you MUST contact FSA within 30 days of the incident.  You are then eligible for livestock losses for up to 60 days following the incident.  The program pays above current market prices for livestock that died or had to be euthanized or culled due to injury directly related to the storm.   They are also collecting milk production loss, dumped milk, and maybe a few other things, for loss assessment.  Don’t wait.  Call or email FSA 608-685-4454  email[email protected].

Assessor Notice

Results of Advisory Votes Taken at November 15, 2018 Meeting of Electors:


ATV/UTV Advisory Vote:At the conclusion of the discussion, Chairperson Adank asked the electors to indicate whether they wanted to designate any town roads as ATV/UTV Trails.  Of the 55 residents in attendance, 32 voted no, 16 voted yes, 3 formally abstained and 4 did not vote. The five responses that were received via email were no votes.



Advisory Votes on Town Hall: At the conclusion of the discussion, Chairperson Adank asked people to answer the following question: “Should we build a new town hall?”  Of the 55 residents in attendance, 42 voted yes, 5 voted no, 6 abstained and 2 did not vote.




Chairperson Adank then asked the following question: “Should we build on the 5 acre parcel along Highway 88 or at the current location?  33 people voted to build on the 5 acre parcel along Highway 88; 12 people voted to build on the current site; 8 people abstained and 2 people did not vote.


Town of Milton Receives Telecommuter Forward! Certification from the WI Public Service Commission


The Town of Milton has been certified as a Telecommuter Forward! Community by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. The Telecommuter Forward! designation recognizes local units of government that have meet criteria for promoting telecommuting opportunities in partnership with broadband providers, economic development professionals, and the Wisconsin Broadband Office. For more information, please visit



October 1st Deadline to Sign Up for Broadband (Phase 1 Residents)

Town of Milton Broadband Expansion Phase I Residents: Have you contacted CCT for a site visit yet? Time is quickly running out and if you don’t respond by October 1st, you will be left behind! Even if you do not plan to sign up for services, you need to notify CCT whether you want a “drop” brought to your home. This would allow you (or the next owner of your home) to hook up to services without significant costs and would also increase the re-sale value of your home.

If you were not able to attend one of the informational meetings and are interested in learning more about the services available, please visit the CCT website at
Attached is a form you can complete and mail to CCT at P.O. Box 189, Cochrane, WI 54622 to request a site visit. For quicker service, call 608-248-2323.

Phase 1 includes all Town of Milton residents EXCEPT individuals who live on the following roads:

Phase II Residents (The deadline above does not apply to you!CCT Contact Form ):

S2772-S2972 (only) on Waumandee Creek Road
Semling Lane
Pelly’s Rd
Lower Eagle Valley Rd
Kennebeck Rd
Herzberg Rd
Guenther Rd
Geno’s Dr
Engel Rd
Elmer’s Rd
Canada Ridge Rd
Cty Rd G


Broadband Project Updates (8/13/18)

The ribbon-cutting/announcement for the Town of Milton Broadband Project will take place on the afternoon of August 20th at C-FC School, with exact time to be announced. Stay tuned for dates/times of the informational sessions on the Town of Milton Broadband Expansion (which will also be at C-FC School). These sessions will provide important information about the signup process and costs. If you live along the Highway 35 corridor (Phase 1) in the Town of Milton and want to beat the rush, you may contact Cochrane Co-Op Telphone at (608) 248-2323 to schedule a site visit by a CCT technician.

Prairie Moon RR Crossing Closed from 5/31 to 6/4

From Thursday, May 31st at approximately 10 a.m. until Monday, June 4th at 5 pm, the railroad crossing near the Prairie Moon Museum will be closed for the installation of new railroad track by BNSF Railroad.  Please use an alternate route to your destination (Indian Creek Road entrance or Cochrane entrance).