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Voting Options for Town of Milton Residents

March 12, 2020

If you are concerned about coming to the polling place on election day (4/7/2020), you have some options:

(1) you may come and vote absentee IN PERSON at the town hall on Saturday, March 14th between 8:00 a.m and 11: a.m. (future dates will be added); or (2) you can request an absentee ballot at and the ballots will be mailed to you; or (3) you may make arrangements directly with the Town Clerk, Kalene Engel, to in-person vote by e-mailing her at

Bring your photo ID for in-person absentee voting. Please check to ensure that you are registered to vote. The easiest way to register to vote is at

Please share this post with others so that the current concerns about coronavirus do not prevent people from exercising their right to vote!

2020 Milton Assessor Notice

November 5, 2019

The Town Assessor will be starting field work for the 2020 assessment year. Please see the attached notice for details.

Lower Eagle Valley Road – Speed Limit Reduced

June 19, 2019

The speed limit on Lower Eagle Valley Road has been reduced to 35 mph, effective June 19, 2019.

Town of Milton Receives Broadband Forward Community Certification

January 14, 2018

Town of Milton, Buffalo County has been certified as a Broadband Forward community by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin which distinguishes the township as supportive of increased broadband access by taking steps to reduce obstacles for private and public investment.

Governor Scott Walker signed The Broadband Forward! Community certification bill into law as 2015 Act 287.

“Town of Milton, Buffalo County is a great example of a rural Wisconsin community working hard to ensure their community is connected,” said Governor Scott Walker.  “It’s an important stepping stone into further broadband expansion and economic development.”

“Expanding broadband is critical to Town of Milton, Buffalo County and we need to take all the steps we can to reduce the hurdles for deployment of additional infrastructure,” said (insert name of municipal leader).  “Our Broadband Forward certification sends the signal that we’re serious about working with broadband providers to extend service.”

“The State Broadband Office at the Public Service Commission stands ready to serve as a resource to communities and providers looking to maximize broadband infrastructure investments in Wisconsin—with the goal of bringing broadband service to every corner of our state,” Walker said.

To assist in the expansion of broadband in Wisconsin, Governor Walker created the Broadband Expansion Grant Program in the 2011-2013 biennial budget.  In 2015, Governor Walker and the Legislature tripled the amount of funding for broadband expansion grants to $1.5 million annually; with a total of $6 million allocated from the Universal Service Fund cash reserves, to fund grants over a 4-year period.  “Our current budget allocates a historic $35.5 million in additional spending for broadband expansion efforts via the expansion grant program and TEACH grants,” said Walker.

“In addition to these significant and flexible public-private grants, a six-year, $570 million federal program is providing funding to expand rural broadband access in Wisconsin,” said Walker.  “Any improvement in the speed and efficiency of these investments, such as that provided by the Broadband Forward! Community Program, will make a significant difference in Wisconsin.”